Director and Playwright In the Press

Writer and Director


“Writer Ehman has a firm grasp of this crime–comedy genre and takes us on terrific man/lady hunt by the all incapable buddies, Mick and Ari. Suspense, tension, laughs, and sex are all here in the mix. A cast of well– seasoned cinematic talent includes Claire Burns as Floe and Charlotte, Justin Goodhand (great handle), a striking man–handsome Detective Maddox, and Brandon Crone as effectively lurking photographer Riley. Very worth seeing and reviewer–recommended.”  View Magazine

Jakob speaks with Jonathan Zagrodnik of The Theatre Reader for an interview about 911. “Helming this project is director and new playwright Jakob Ehman. 911 tells the story of two friends who discover a phone that was thrown off a balcony, and quickly get in over their heads when they try to figure out who it belongs to, why it was thrown, and why the last number dialed was 911. ” Jonathan Zagrodnik, The Theatre Reader

“The play runs long at 85 minutes but the pacing is exquisite. The interplay between the characters – especially Mick and Ari – is warm, natural and often laugh-out-loud hilarious. The scene transitions are smart and stylish, and the play makes excellent use of both darkness and a variety of light sources to build mood and tension.

Playwright and director Jakob Ehman is from Toronto but he sets the story in Hamilton and he has clearly done his homework. Several name-dropped local institutions elicited cheers and delight from the audience.

This is a must-see performance by a hugely talented company.” Ryan McGreal, Raise the Hammer


Sex and This

“The best show is Wesley J. Colford’s Sex And This which, despite its title, has little to do with sex and more with attitudes toward death and the surprises that life tosses us… Director Jakob Ehman gets fine work from Deobald and Lewis; he handles Colford’s witty script with fast-moving energy but isn’t scared to make effective use of silences, too.”   Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

“This is the only segment that isn’t directed by the writer and Jakob Ehman who is always a pleasure to watch (Cockfight,Firebrand, Donors) demonstrates that he is more than an enticing stage presence.” Drew Rowsome, My Gay Toronto

“Of the four plays, the most accessible is arguably Sex and This, which addresses death and grieving in the social media age. Written by Wesley J. Colford and directed by Jakob Ehman, the play manages to be both humorous and poignant-sometimes all at once.” Logan Bown, Mooney On Theatre

“I assure you, you will not be disappointed.” Burke Campbell


Fringe Festival Community Reviews

“That tension, between all of the characters, is what drives the play. And with different elements, crafty lighting, creative and continuous transitions, and prop movement, the tension never dulls. At a mid-point in the show a fun “song & dance” erupts to break up the emotions.  The music is perfect for the settings, and the cute choreography is in perfect juxtaposition with the actual story of violence and seduction.” Katie Stoneman, Fringe Festival Community Reviews

“The sure hand of director Jakob Ehman keeps us focused on these seemingly ordinary monsters, coming up with endless triangles in staging thee chilling events.” Brian Morton, Fringe Festival Community Reviews

“The play was flawlessly executed, with fluid, seamless transitions as smooth as the choreographed dance scenes and musical score.” Thomas Allen, Fringe Festival Community Reviews

“A clever addition to the fringe, and certainly a personal favourite for its articulate delivery of such an edgy, strange play.” Justin Emmett, Fringe Festival Community Reviews

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